Many recognize it as the sport of kicks, it is a martial art founded and registered with the Korean government in 1955 by the South Korean general and martial artist Choi Hong Hi, over time it has become an Olympic sport practiced by the WTF and the ITF both developing their own championships. Having great impact and recognition worldwide. Taekwondo stands out from other disciplines for the variety of leg and kick techniques used in combat. Its origin derives from North Korea and South Korea.

In this martial art, the techniques could be classified into: kicks (Chagui), direct blows with the fist (Jirugi), penetrating blows (Tsirugi), and open hand blows (Son), in addition to two straight fist techniques (Baro jirugi and Bandae jirugi), Blocks and defense (Maki), Self defense (Hoo sin scool), Positions (Sogui), nomenclature.

In taekwondo since its inception, it took its type of uniform and belt color grading system (Syu / Dan). For this practice, the Dobok (suit) and the Ti (Belt) are necessary, which identify the level or degree of the practitioner. But in some cases this uniform is made up of trousers and an open or closed jacket, with a V-shaped neck, identified with an inscription, logo or shield depending on the regulations in force for each federation.

The benefits of this practice can be innumerable studies show that people who regularly exercise this discipline throughout their lives reduce the risk of obesity, diseases or chronic conditions that affect health, whether physical, mental or emotional.