A Tactic is a strategy that is carried out by default to achieve an objective, following a series of steps and fulfilling a series of steps that must be described and understood by the people involved in the project. When an idea arises, steps are developed in a process that must be followed in order to reach the conclusion of the matter. Tactics are usually designed with a specific method, whose procedure guarantees precise results.

Tactics are commonly coined to the strategists par excellence who are the military, state security and intelligence bodies and some renowned organizations. They do all kinds of work in the shadows to avoid detection. Military tactics can include weaponry and transportation of any kind, the methods used are often top secret and known only to those closely associated with the jobs in question.

Etymologically, the term tactics comes from the Greek “Taktikos” What does it mean “tassain” What does it mean “Organize”. When a plan of this type is developed, a hierarchical scale must also be taken into account, in which not only is it defined who is the one who has control and instructions for the others, but also a function is established for each one of them. the members, who have an assignment and a field of action which must be executed with precision and accuracy to meet the points of the tactic.

Tactics are master elements of different organizations, in marketing, they are a tool of constant use, both inside and outside the spaces in which the mechanism to be followed to position a brand or attract public for a product or service is stipulated. . There are two aspects of the tactics that are fundamental at the time of its elaboration, the theory and the practice. Seen as a couple of phases that complement each other, the first of them establishes an execution program, taking into account what are the elements available to work on, and the second is when the theory is placed in a certain field to evaluate the areas in which that what is on paper or maps can be executed satisfactorily.