Sushi is a Japanese word, which means “bitter rice”, sources state that it was the suffix form of a remote word “narezushi”, which alluded to rice that was fermented with raw fish; the word sushi is mostly related to rice and not to fish as is thought since the particle “su” means “vinegar” and “shi” which comes from “meshi” which means “rice”. In the twenty-third edition of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, this voice was annexed, and it is described as “Typical food of Japanese origin whose main ingredient is boiled rice, which is served in small portions and with various accompaniments.”

This Japanese dish or food is made with cooked rice, which is marinated with a type of rice vinegar in addition to salt, sugar, and other ingredients such as various types of seafood and / or fish. Sushi is generally linked to fish and shellfish, but it can also contain eggs or vegetables, even another ingredient.

Sushi is one of the dishes with the greatest recognition and boom in Japanese gastronomy, and it also has great prestige at the international level. This prestige, outside of Japan, has evolved over time, influenced by the different cultures of the western hemisphere, a great example of this is in the United States, which thanks to this has been awarded to the various types of sushi with the name from different locations in this country, among them are: California roll, New York roll, etc.

In most cases, sushi is served in small quantities, with a size more or less than a bite, with different shapes. Consequently there are also different types of sushi, that is to say that if the rice is served together with the fish rolled in a sheet of nori seaweed, they are known as “roll”; but if it comes as a fish-covered rice meatball, it is called “nigiri”; and when the fish is stuffed in a small bag of fried tofu it is awarded “inari”. For its part, this food can be served in a special rice bowl for sushi with small pieces of fish along with other ingredients above, this is known as «chirashizushi».

Other types of sushi with great popularity are sashimi and temaki. Sahimi are thin and small pieces of fresh fish, which may or may not be frozen. And the temaki are hand made rolls that look like a Mexican taco but this one is in the Japanese style with a conical figure, which is filled with fresh fish, prawns, Philadelphia cheese, etc.