Support Point

The support point in the Spanish royal academy is defined as a “sign of small dimensions, ordinarily circular that, due to contrast of color or relief, is perceptible on a surface”, which also comes from the Latin “punctum”, the word supported derives from from the Latin “support” which means “thing that serves to support or lean on”. The support point is the one that corresponds to the center of gravity of the support device or with the center of gravity of various types of support devices as long as they are considered similar to only three constraints that are (H,VYM). But normally it is only similar to a single coercion which is the letter (V).

The word point is described simultaneously in several questions, one of these may be the punctuation mark that closes small paragraphs or sentences, it can be said that the point allows to mark the end of a hypothesis. In addition, the point must be written followed by the last character of the hypothesis without having to leave a space. But the period is also used to make a full stop and in that case a space should be left after the period so that you can continue writing the sentence you make.

On the other hand, it can be said that support is widely used by people, either for the sense of confirmation, trial, basis, relationship of an opinion or doctrine that is maintained. But one of the meanings of support is the one that refers to the protection, aid, or help that a person, company, entity or system offers to other people depending on the situation that is presented to them at that time, either by a disaster or for a project that person has, etc.