A supplier is an entity that is in charge of supplying a good or service to another entity that needs it, seen from this point of view it is a fairly broad term, which can be used from the most basic, such as the fact that the provider of a home is the father or mother, responsible for supplying everything that is necessary for the strengthening of the family nucleus.

Then, at school it is observed that teachers are the providers of information and education, and at work the bosses are the ones who have the ability to offer their employees the tools so that they can emerge. However, this is an expression that is used above all in the business field, and is to refer to the person or company that is responsible for supplying, supplying or providing other companies with the items and materials they need to be able to carry out their activity, The elements that are normally considered when it comes to things that can be supplied by a supplier to a company are the raw material, machinery and service provision for technical maintenance.

Organizations take into account several aspects that are relevant to them in order to choose their suppliers, such as the fact of choosing those that supply them with quality materials, but at the same time produce the lowest possible cost, and that At the same time, providers offer them other types of benefits such as good financing conditions.

Taking into account the above, it is known that there are three types of suppliers, such as the supplier of goods, in charge of supplying companies with objects and tangible items, for example, in a carpentry they would be those made of wood. The service provider is the one that does not provide material but rather an activity so that in this way its clients can perform their function, normally the services are connected to tangible goods, for example, telephone, electricity and water companies, etc. And lastly, there are the providers of resources, who are in charge of granting their clients the satisfaction of needs of an economic nature, such as capital and credits, for example partners, banks or the State.