The Helianthus Annuus L, is a native plant in the regions of Central America and North America, it is cultivated as a decorative flower and as a food product, it is commonly known as sunflower, a term derived from the Greek “helium” What does “sun” mean? “anthos” whose meaning is “flower”, this because of the ability it has to orient itself towards the sun’s rays and move as the solar star moves.

Something that is quite peculiar in this plant is heliotropism, which is nothing more than the ability of the flower to move towards where the sun’s rays point, however this ability is only present in young specimens, since when the When the plant is already an adult, it cannot turn, staying in a single position. Heliotropism or phototropism is caused by plant hormones, which facilitate the growth of plant tissue in one direction, thus making it possible for the plant to turn. In addition to this, there are hormones they are in charge of controlling the entire functioning of the plant itself, its growth, the flowering stage, fruits, among other aspects, the most common hormones are those belonging to gibberellin, auxins, cytokinins, ethylene and abscisic acid. Elements such as the Sun, heat, light, gravity, humidity, ultraviolet rays, are the ones that control hormones.

Its importance lies in the use of the resources that it can offer, such as the oil that is widely used to cook food, among other things, its seeds also serve as a source of food, when dried they can be consumed.