The meaning of summit goes beyond its geographical meaning. It is also used to express that something very difficult has been achieved. It can be used in any situation where there is special merit, with extraordinary value. Summit is synonymous with goal, conquest and victory. It implies that there has been a very valuable previous effort and the effort made has finally had a great reward.

The etymological origin of the summit is found in the Latin word «culmen» that designates the highest of something, its highest peak or peak, referring to the mountains. The idea of ​​summit is typical of geography, mountaineering, important achievements, illustrious people or international meetings. In all cases, there is something in common: exceptionality. Nothing that refers to a summit can be ordinary or vulgar.

The notion of a pinnacle can also be used symbolically to ultimately indicate what can be achieved or what is most important: “After winning a new title with his team, the player has reached the pinnacle of his career.” Mario reached the professional summit at the age of 30 and today he is one of the most consulted experts in the world”, “This tennis player does not reach the summit”.

The summit meeting is called the one in which the attendees belong to the highest representative hierarchy of the members that make up a group, and it deals with important issues; for example, “the Summit of the Americas”, which meets under the auspices of the OAS, brings together the highest leaders of the countries of the continent, with the exception of Cuba, to discuss issues of common interest and jointly solve problems . A summit, finally, is a meeting between leaders or agents to discuss issues.