The Sumerians were a civilization whose origin occurred in the geographical area that is located in the Near East, a territory in which different media converge, such as the desert, oasis, coasts, among others. All the aspects mentioned above give this place a great dualism, in which it is possible to find the most inhospitable places in the world, but at the same time, very fertile slopes where the first civilizations of the world managed to develop.

To talk about the Sumerians, it is necessary to locate in the lower region of Mesopotamia, specifically around the year 3,500 BC. The region in which they settled would end up being known as Sumer. It should be noted that the origin of this town is not clear, however, some authors maintain the hypothesis that they could come from the mountains, there are others who say that they come from the desert and so on various theories, but none have been confirmed.

Little by little the Sumerians settled down in a series of villages that were organized around the shadow of the temple. This temple was the noblest area of ​​the villages as time passed they began to develop and little by little they became bigger and bigger until they became cities.

As the years passed, a series of inventions made it possible for it to be one of the most important peoples in the history of mankind due to the legacy it left for the following civilizations, some of these inventions are:

  • The Wheel: The origin of this goes back to the year 3,500 BC, this invention greatly facilitated the transfer of all kinds of merchandise.
  • Cuneiform writing: developed between 3300-3000 BC, it is closely related to the organization of the temple in order to control what it owned, in other words, a system was designed to keep the accounts of said temple.
  • Civilization: cities were one of the characteristic elements par excellence and it was the Sumerians who created them.
  • Laws: Due to the origin of cities and the establishment of an organizational system, they were forced to create a series of rules that all citizens had to comply with so that society could move forward.