Ulterior is a term relative to reality, it describes the position of something beyond what it is at first sight. Commonly applied among people who make cartography. The sources to determine the origin of the term are vague, however it is believed that due to its strategic power and constructions always in favor of the evolution of its city, the Roman Empire is attributed the constitution of terms related to the vision and position of corresponding battle entities.

The term Ulterior is etymologically diverse, since its composition of words suggests to those who do not know it that it intends to describe something that is behind or before, however, it serves as an antonym in situations where opposite destinations have to be denoted. In some cases, Ulterior also serves to indicate times in which what could happen is not revealed, that is, a later time refers to a consequence after an action is executed, for example, a traveler who does not know his destination, only Let yourself go along the way, consider later both the time and the place where you will arrive.

The misinterpretation of this term has led dictionaries to place both situations in the definition of ulterior, in which they have two completely opposite meanings, so it is clear to say that it would not be incorrect to say that Ulterior refers to something that was left behind. back, something skipped in a series of steps that are executed to complete some action. Despite this, the word does not stop leaving its context of application.

The Romans spoke of a further territory when they pointed out what was after Rome, but in expeditions, reference was made to the unknown, what was to be explored after that moment. This term was very useful in history, at present traces have been found that the use of this led battles and positioned fundamental pieces for a victory. Simply Ulterior is a signaling, orientation and visualization tool. Of course, Ulterior is very little used in general society, as there are more generic and less specific terms to describe a position beyond what is seen or perceived.