The word submission indicates being subordinate to the will of another person to whom absolute obedience is owed. Submission and accepted by the person, often out of fear, being subjected to another is possible, if there is physical aggression or psychological intimidation. In general, people who adopt this attitude do so because they are weak in character and are more prone to these kinds of actions.

In the field of law, submission is seen as compliance with what one of the parties in dispute is seeking. Although this does not mean that the right of the other party is admitted, but even so, the trial or complaint is terminated.

On a personal level, submission is common in families with dysfunctional characteristics, where the children of extremely authoritarian parents accept the type of life that their parents force them to have since they do not have physical strength or maturity. psychological they have. It is here where this type of parents take advantage to subdue them and limit their freedom. For example, there is the case of children who are forced by their parents to leave school to go to work or to beg on the street.

The same happens with marriages, where supposedly the woman must be submissive to her husband, however this is a thing of the past, today, wives have the same rights as husbands and for no reason (unless she is agree) is obliged to make the husband say.

In the case of authoritarian governments, they are characterized precisely by the submission of their inhabitants to their power.