The word student comes from the Latin word “students”. A pupil is a student, someone who is interested in learning from another person. Example “1st grade students learned about the life of Simón Bolívar thanks to their teacher” . Students are also said to those people who are pursuing various careers at the university or at any technical institute. For example “Carmen is a student of the administration career”.

A student who goes to their school, university or institute every day is called a regular student, but there are others who only go to the institution to take exams, for example: students from the National Open University (UNA) in which those who study there only attend on Saturdays and take exams until they finish their degree and receive their degrees. Students are considered those who carry out any cultural or sports practice, for example music students, they are students, because they are learning to play the instruments, painting workshop students, karate students, etc.

There is also the student who is a teacher of some subject, such as mathematics, this type of student is in turn a teacher of other students, this is because he is a person who passed the subject with good grades, and because he understands and that gives him the power to teach his other classmates so that they learn and can pass the material as well.

There is the scholarship student, who is the one who for his high grades receives monetary recognition from the institution where he studies, in order to contribute to his preparation, and in turn it is a way of reward to motivate him and continue with the excellence in their learning process.