The student is that subject whose main occupation is the activity of studying, perceiving such activity from the academic field. The main function of the students is to always learn new things about different subjects or branches of science and art, or any other area that can be studied. The one who studies executes both the reading and the practice of the subject or theme about which he is learning.

what is student

It is that subject, whether a child, young person or adult, who, within the academic field, has study as his main occupation. It is, therefore, a person who is dedicated to the deep understanding of different topics that can be useful in the future, starting with basic topics, up to some more advanced ones.

There are different ways to be an apprentice, you can be by your own means, that is, find a way to learn what is really of personal interest, either through private research, or with the help of someone who can guide you along the way (be an expert on the subject).

There are also those students who are enrolled in an institute dedicated to education, where several stages must be fulfilled, in these academic entities, the beginning lies in the study and basic learning of the various subjects that are imperative for personal and social development. of individuals, in addition, they are useful for daily life.

The level of study advances little by little and over the years, each person ends up specializing in a subject or career that became of interest to them from the beginning of their life as an apprentice. It should be noted that the life of both types of students is totally different, one has more flexibility than the other, there is more freedom in the learning guide and in the schedules in which they intend to educate themselves. This particular student imposes his rules, norms or learning methods.

On the other hand, the person who goes to educational entities must follow a series of rules of coexistence and learning in order to be educated. In addition, in academic institutions, it is necessary to present a variety of exams in which the student’s ability to understand, concentration and memory levels are measured, and if he is really fit to pass the educational level (grade, semester, etc.). In both types there are difficulties, pros and cons, but they still manage to form a student into a skillful and capable person in the branches deepened with the study.

A curious fact in relation to the students and that is worth mentioning is that they have a prayer called the student’s prayer. Said prayer was elaborated by Thomas Aquinas dedicated to all students, this prayer was made with the purpose of enlightening the intelligence of anyone interested in acquiring knowledge.

student functions


When mention is made of the functions of a student, it is actually speaking of their role as a fundamental person within an academic institute or as an autonomous student. The student must know how to work in a team, must be able to self-direct, monitor and evaluate himself (this in the case of tasks that must be completed at home) in addition to possessing self-learning skills that can be useful for the rest of his life.

In the same way, he must know how to resolve the conflicts that arise at all times, because that will define his adult life. Finally, you must be responsible, as this is the key to success.

Characteristics of a good student

It is not about being a good schoolboy but an ideal one, an example to follow for the new generation of academics whose purpose is to learn and assert themselves in society. It doesn’t matter if you are a high school student, an English student, a drawing student, or even an animated student, in the end, they all link with specific characteristics.

  • Academic skills: these are the skills that allow a better understanding of the topics discussed in class, for example, reading, retention, communication, etc.
  • Attitude: each student has their study limits, but the truth is that most have the attitude and initiative to look for new topics, those that most attract their attention and motivate them to continue learning daily. Some topics are more flexible than others and improve the retention and concentration of students. It’s all about willingness and responsibility.
  • Discipline: Although many think that all students are disciplined, in reality this is a characteristic that only the most applied or focused possess. Discipline is the foundation of study, not only in behavior, but for the ability to store important information. Discipline and responsibility go hand in hand and this is something that all students and people in general must keep in mind throughout their lives.

Student’s Day in Mexico

Student’s day is celebrated by many countries, however, it is not celebrated on the same dates and this is due to different events. For example, in Mexico, student day is celebrated on May 23. The date is commemorated in honor of all these young people who were attacked in a protest that took place on May 23, 1929. The students of what is now known as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), began a protest to promote the autonomy of the University of Mexico.

Mexican studentFor that date, the university was made up of at least 14 dependencies, these were the faculty of dentistry, social sciences, law, letters, philosophy, engineering, the faculty for graduate normal school, chemistry, pharmacy, the national preparatory school and that of fine arts, the national conservatory, among others. There were around 8,154 students enrolled and they decided to create a federation to make their house of study autonomous.

They were years in which all the students tried to negotiate with the institution, but all these attempts were unsuccessful. After many years raising awareness, in a brutal strike, the students suffered aggression by the police inside the law school on may 23. What happened crossed the borders of the university and was national news and all the students of Mexico commemorated the date. A month after these attacks, the autonomy of the University of Mexico was achieved.

Over the years, places were created for the relaxation of all those who were studying, that is how favorable places emerged so that they could study without so much pressure. The “Student Gardens” are just some of the sites created in commemoration of those attacked. There is even a square with the name “Plaza 23 de Mayo” better known as student square.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a student?

It is about being a person who is dedicated to a deep understanding of different topics that can be useful in the future, starting with basic topics to some more advanced ones.

What role do students play?

The main one is to learn, memorize and externalize the knowledge that is of interest to you. No matter how old you are, the function of the student is to learn about various subjects.

What is the difference between pupil and student?

A student is a disciple of a specific teacher, institution or entity. A student can be self-taught or independent.

When is student day in Mexico?

The day of the student is celebrated on May 23 in Mexico, this in commemoration of all the students attacked in the protests for the autonomy of the university of Mexico.

What are the characteristics of a student?

The discipline, responsibility, attitude and academic skills that he possesses. More features can be added, but that depends on the readiness of the student.