There is talk of a theory or method that scientists with their sciences have called the study of the forms of human understanding, among the diversity that exists such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and more as a disposition of a specific order or that is important part of a whole. It is the system that they have found between the coherent concepts and whose most outstanding essence is the study and application as the acceptance of an object or facts.

On a linguistic theoretical basis, it is considered a relationship of forms that work by identifying, delimiting and classifying as a unit of language as expression. That is to say, it studies language, culture, society and science as a method of study and analysis, encompassing linguistics and semiotics based on facts, comparing grammar and signs; Structuralism being a new beginning of a way of understanding things at the beginning of the 20th century, when Ferdinand de Saussure taught his General Linguistics course in 1916.

This caused a new change in perception of the facts of the language, arising from a reaction of the investigations of the language and grammar offering a variant in the elements giving the desired solidity and structure; having a derivation from philosophy thus arriving at philosophical thought, which was defined with its characteristics as the totality, possessing properties and transformation due to the balance it gives but being very dynamic with self-relation, since it has a closed system of transformation, Structuralism possessing significant forms between symbols, signals, language, grammar, with the coding system giving way to the teaching of the senses, the form of communication and its means are modalities of a transmission that condition, qualify, reform and they reinforce what one already has in a learned sense, building societies with certain rules that in turn produce conditioning as a model of a certain role such as what is good and bad, they are not casual, they are causal that they fulfill as part of the structure, reaching a resolution of the investigative that the senses can deceive and the communication is not real, for this or these investigations are initiated to reach a productive relationship and be part of a clear and real society that advances in learning in history

This gives relevance to the facts in their entirety that are made up of phenomena related to each other and at the same time interdependent, passing the human being from being the subject in history or culture to being the object of it, evaluating with the strategies in which researches the correlation of human behavior, whether individual or collective.