This term is applied to describe an emerging company, that is, they are organizations that are in a start-up phase, or failing that they are planning to start an economic activity, referring to those companies that are starting or that failing that, they are in the development phase, which are generally companies oriented towards the technology sector, seeking to introduce new ideas in markets that are already considered obsolete, for which purpose the simplification of previously very complex processes is sought. . The term derives from the English language “start up” whose translation is to start up.

Among the most outstanding characteristics of startups are the accelerated way in which they develop and grow.On many occasions they are projects that start and in which an amount is invested for their development and then sell said project and obtain economic benefits. not including the previous investment. It is very common that their initial investment is not of large magnitudes, in addition to the fact that contact with the consumer is practically none, these types of companies are characterized by the ease of establishing their headquarters anywhere on the planet, but it must always be focused to save as much as possible.

Some of the places where startups take as their main headquarters are in the entrepreneurs’ own homes, since this implies lower costs in the payment of rents and services, however it can play against since the lack of contact with other people as well how the learning they can provide can slow down their development. Other sites may be called incubators, which are places that allow small businesses to develop, since it has various services in addition to the necessary tools such as computers.

Another site is the so-called startup creditors, which are organizations dedicated to promoting their development, using for this the use of constant monitoring, training, education and tutoring for the entrepreneurs and talents that participate in said company, also the spaces of work, characterized in that they can develop links with professional personnel that allows the growth of the startup.