The squires were people who were in charge of moving the shield of a knight when he went to a battle, but who has no participation in it, in times of peace, the squires had to serve their lords in other tasks, among which that they met, provide protection to the lords in their homes, be by their side at all times, they were generally individuals of noble origin, their offspring being of a low level with regard to the hierarchy of the nobility in the Middle Ages .

During the Middle Ages, one of the governing systems that prevailed was feudalism, one of its most outstanding characteristics was its population organization, which was represented as a kind of pyramid, in said structure the people of the community were located at the top. upper class, that is, the monarchs (Kings and Queens), then below them were the so-called feudal lords, a title granted to individuals who owned large portions of land and with considerable economic power, these individuals were served by people of a lower class, whose job was to cultivate the lands of their lords. Due to the constant conflicts of the time, the feudal lords were forced to form armies, in order to protect their fields, these armies were made up of knights, who were people dedicated exclusively to the military field, these individuals had under their control I send an individual who did the work of assisting the knight, this individual was known as a squire.

When a person of low social status was appointed as a knight’s squire, he was considered as a promotion to another social status, his job was to have prepared the clothing and weapons that his lord would use in battle, in addition to attend to his boss in domestic tasks such as cooking, accompany him to social gatherings, that is to say that his job was to serve in everything that was required of him, whether in times of war or peace. Even in battle if a squire showed bravery, it was possible that he would be granted the rank of knight, a power that could only be granted by kings or feudal lords.