A spot is called a small space dedicated to advertising that can appear in the visual media such as television and cinema, the spot is composed of both a visual and an auditory part. In the world of marketing, it is one of the most used and most effective tools for making a specific product or brand known to the public, in addition to contributing greatly to convincing the consumer to want to acquire it. However, one of the points against this type of advertisement is its high cost and that is why they are usually very short, generally no longer than 60 seconds.

As mentioned above, the main objective of the spots is to try to convince potential consumers. It is important to point out that this advertising is focused on a specific audience and which is considered to have the greatest potential to acquire. As for its diffusion, the spots are used in the audiovisual media, such as TV and cinema. As mentioned, their duration is short, which is why in many cases they only consist of images that are accompanied by music.

The advertising spots can be of various types, among them it is possible to highlight the testimonials, which consist of a user of the product being the one who describes it and indicates the advantages of using it and that depending on the security and the way in which say so can convince the customer.

Another type is the piece of cinema, which is told as a story, where what is wanted to be advertised is included within said story and appears in a very natural way.

The term spot can also be used to define a type of reflector that emits a light of great power, it is widely used in the field of photography, cinema and theater, as a tool that serves to illuminate a small part From Stage.

For its part, there is also a method known as daily scene, which consists of the narration by an actor about the product, where he will indicate its advantages and how beneficial it can be in daily life.