Spornosexual is a recent term, which derives from the combination of the English words “sport”, whose equivalent in our language is “deporte” and “porn” which means “porn”. The new term spornosexual is used to describe that person who is usually young and physically fit, generally has tattoos and piercings, who likes to show off with little clothing in public in order to show her body to other people.

A spornosexual is attributed to an athletic individual, who spends most of his time in a gym and in shopping malls showing off his body, such as his toned abs, back, legs, etc. and also publishes personal photos at all times on their social network profiles.

Around 20 years ago, the British journalist, writer, businessman and radio host, Mark Simpson specializing in popular culture, media, and masculinity, was the one who coined the term “metrosexual” in an article for The Independent in 1994, to refer to those heterosexual men who are concerned about their physical appearance and characterized by a lifestyle that shows attributes stereotypically related to homosexuals.

But today a new label has emerged for men in the 21st century, coined by the same character in the Daily Telegraph, which is spornosexual, which many associate with extreme metrosexualism, greatly obsessed with sex and the body.

A clear example of Spornosexuals can be seen in the reality shows that they present on television today, such as the English series «Geordie Shore» and «The Only Way Is Essex»; or for its part, spornosexualism is usually associated with the famous figures of soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, as exposed by the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.