It is known as vertebral column, backbone or also the rachis to a structure that presents great complexity, of an articulated osteofibrocartilaginous type and with great resistance, it has an elongated shape with slight curves in certain regions, it represents the back and lower part of the which is defined as the axial skeleton. This structure is considered an organ, it is located in the middle and back of the trunk, and extends from the head, through the neck and back, until it finally reaches the pelvis, which by the way provides medium.

It is important to point out that this structure is one of the most important in the organism of most living beings, but above all for human beings, since it is responsible for containing all the information that is essential for the neurological system to be able to function. perform everything related to the movements of the members other regions of the body. As for its structure clearly, it is composed of vertebrae that constitute the longitudinal axis of the skeleton. In the case of children, they have 33 vertebrae, while adults have only 26 since the sacral and coccygeal vertebrae are welded to form the sacral bones and the coccyx.

The functions of the spinal column are very varied, however its participation as a support stands out, since it contributes to maintaining the center of gravity of the body, in addition to that it also serves as a protector of the spinal cord. Thanks to the spinal cord, it is possible for the human being to exercise the action of walking on his two legs and not fall while he does it.

Due to its function, there is no doubt that the care of the spine is of the utmost importance since possible injuries in the region can cause serious alterations in terms of the person’s mobility. Among the most frequent injuries can be included inadequate curvatures of the spine that are the cause of muscle pain or loss of mobility in the extremities, crushing of the vertebrae, fissure in them, loss of the spinal cord, among others. In which case, if these injuries are more serious, they can mean total or partial paralysis in the functioning of the limbs, as well as lifelong difficulties due to the delicacy of the area and how difficult a possible treatment and recovery would be.