Speed ​​Mentoring

Speed ​​mentoring is defined as one of the training methodologies that can be of great help, if what you want is to have a starting point to take a turn in the professional life of an individual, this serves to enhance the career of the same or simply to have a different perspective on things. This methodology itself is based on the brief realization of a meeting that should not exceed 15 minutes, where the mentor is in charge of offering all his knowledge and experience to another person). These meetings have a great value in what has to do with the training and development of careers.

The main objectives that people have to attend this type of training are very varied, the reason may be the search for professional development, it could also be networking or, failing that, their objective may be to find the solution to a business problem. that you don’t know how to solve. Whatever the objective, what is certain is that they have little time to assimilate all the information and maximize the time they have with the mentor, so the best thing to do is select the questions to ask the mentor well. and, in particular, being predisposed to receiving responses that were perhaps not the ones expected. One of the best tips that can be taken when doing speed mentoring successfully is the mentee’s ability to open their minds and know how to listen to advice and ideas that may be the opposite of what they had in mind.

A mentor must have extensive experience and knowledge on various topics, however, it is important to note that these characteristics are not enough to be a good mentor in speed mentoring. In addition to this, it is necessary to have the ability to transmit and communicate a good story, it is vital for the mentee to internalize the information in a slightly more practical way.

In general, speed mentoring programs are aimed at the professional development of those who participate in it. It should be noted that the context of speed mentoring is very enriching since it serves as an intellectual link for the exchange of ideas between the mentor and the students.