Space, a term derived from the Latin “Spatium”, is used to describe that place where matter is contained. Understand as matter any object that occupies a surface. In order to study this concept we will see it from the macro to the micro.

As space we know the immensity of the universe, that endless place where the planets are, including the earth with its respective satellite. Scientific studies show that this space is infinite, and that it was created by an explosion that arose out of nowhere, which they called the Big Bang. We observe the galaxy as we also know it as a completely dark plane where only the stars and planets far from the earth flash with their own light or illuminated by the sun.

The application of the term space is very diverse, it can be used to indicate any place as long as it can be perceived by the senses and contains matter. In a timeline, space is that interval that is generated between two moments, “The car race lasts a period of time of approximately two hours.” In terms of geography or location, space is one that originates by measuring the distance or capacity of a surface, “This space is enough to build the house”, When we refer to volume “The space inside this container is 3 liters ”.

As you can see, what defines space is its existence, regardless of the unit in which it is represented, which can be volume, area, weight or time.