A sociopath is a person who suffers from sociopathy, a psychological pathology that causes behavior characterized by impulsiveness, hostility and the development of antisocial behaviors.

Sociopathy is classified as a personality disorder, today known as antisocial personality disorder.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are insensitive, cruel, do not experience any type of guilt or remorse, do not accept the limits imposed by moral, social or legal norms, which begin to manifest from adolescence.

Although not all sociopaths are criminals, by not respecting the rights of others they are very likely to commit illegal or immoral acts. There is currently no agreement among mental health professionals on the differentiation between sociopaths and psychopaths.

Many reserve the term psychopath for those who cause serious problems to themselves and others, in a cold and calculating way, integrate into society and try to please; while sociopaths tend to be less dangerous and generally prefer to live isolated and voluntarily marginalized from their peers, whom they reject and fear; if they cause harm, they do so less subtly and more spontaneously.

If they do something wrong, the sociopath will not recognize it as wrong, although thanks to their intelligence they do not usually get into trouble. They have difficulty accepting authority and may feel paranoid that someone else is in charge.

Sociopaths are born, not made. There are sociopathic children who develop their characteristics as they grow older. Currently, sociopathy is a psychiatric diagnosis under the name of antisocial personality disorder.

It is difficult to make a proper diagnosis because it is often confused with other pathologies and personality disorders, due to its similar symptoms and also because sometimes the limits of what is moral, good and bad are not so clear (for example, an adolescent who it can be caused by a personality disorder or a simple growth spurt) when certain limits are not exceeded, and when the disorder appears clear, it may be too late.

A sociopath can be a person who transmits an image of mystery in which, as a consequence of his apparent shyness, he does not let himself be known naturally. Lonely people who have a narcissistic point, that is, high levels of ego. Personal relationships become more of a burden and an obligation than a true personal enjoyment.