The term snub is defined as a lack or deprivation of kindness, extravagance, gallantry, in the colloquial environment, rudeness can be taken as a snub, and refers to an unpleasant detail reflecting little regard for the other. A person who has received a slight feels underestimated by the other.

Social coexistence shows compliance with a standard of courtesy. Rules of courtesy whose observance is not mandatory since people can also have rude gestures, as it shows a slight towards a friend or close family member. Rude acts can also affect strangers.

There are many ways to snub someone: by making a person empty, by ridiculing someone with sarcastic irony, by exposing a person. A proud person can also make the mistake of putting himself in the role of superiority before the other and, as a consequence of this attitude, underestimate the interlocutor. Frequently, this type of attitude has its cause in individualism or excess of ego that is very human, but it is advisable to educate to understand that there is feedback in personal relationships.

It is not responding to a friend’s WhatsApp messages and responding indifferently to their proposed plans. New technologies have evolved in such a way that today, people can also experience virtual slights. In fact, there are couple breakups that no longer end face to face, but through a text message.

Without a doubt, this way of saying goodbye also shows a slight towards the other. Slights are gestures in which the other person is not taken into account, there is a lack of empathy. This gesture of little consideration towards the other may not be conscious. But it is always important to reflect later on the actions taken and the possible consequences of the acts so that you can apologize if it is relevant.