Smuggling is the process of buying and selling illegal or clandestine merchandise, these merchandise have been prohibited by state laws due to their harmful effects, most of them are addictive; This type of merchandise is given the name of “illicit”, in contraband despite the fact that illegal objects are commercialized, it allows to obtain a good profit.

The sale of merchandise without paying the corresponding receipts is also considered contraband, that is, the store evades the taxes that it must pay to the state, by violating this rule it is immediately a clandestine business. For the entry of illicit products, surveillance by customs must be circumvented or avoided, and this type of business is seen more than anything in the border areas of each country, that is, the border.

Smuggling is a serious blow to the economy of a country, legally there must be an exhaustive control of the number of imports and exports generated in a nation, since these transactions are what allow having a base on the economy that is presented, for For this reason, customs are avoided since they are in charge of carrying out the aforementioned control; smuggling can be classified into two types: open smuggling, this name is given to it because it is based on evading the control that is considered “legal” executed by the customs, the transport of the different merchandise is carried out through alternate paths across the border, to achieve the entry of these products through places “Not allowed” for such function.

Technical smuggling, in which regular channels are used to transport these goods, such as airports, seaports, border bridges, among others, achieving access to these products through the use of fictitious authorizations or tariffs, where erroneous customs codes, false product quantity, papers that fake a payment of taxes, and associated behaviors that allow confusion to be generated when approving the passage of different products are exposed. In this way, smuggling is a serious crime in the eyes of the law, since it is considered an economic disorder generated by the state.