Laughing is the qualifier of someone who often laughs. In general, the use of this term has positive connotations when used to describe a person, rather than “laughs a lot”, “all the time” or, more obviously, “too much”.

Smiling people tend to encourage those around them, and this quality can go hand in hand with a special transparency in dealings, a way of showing themselves to others very sincerely and frontally, without crooked attitudes or ulterior motives. From this point of view, a smiling person generally makes a more pleasant first impression than a serious and aloof person, since we generally associate smiling with good things: friendliness, positive thinking, social skills, spontaneity, and friendliness. A smiling person inspires confidence.

Obviously, the adjective smiling does not mean by cause and effect that people smile regularly or never smile. That is, a serious person can be more cheerful at a specific time for a specific cause.

From the general point of view, babies tend to be cheerful, the children who awaken to life from the innocence of that child are the ones that every adult has inside them and that, however, remain hidden behind layers of fears and armor they could develop as a result of disappointments. Children are cheerful and, in turn, produce tenderness in adults by drawing a smile on their faces.

People who smile in the usual way are very pleasant company, since the happiness and joy they project becomes a positive energy that is also transmitted to others. Being happy can also be a concrete symptom of a happy event because people express with their body language how they feel internally. Lovers are usually very smiley during the beginning of their relationship because at that moment, everything looks perfect and life is rosy.

People are more smiling in moments of happiness than in situations of suffering because external circumstances also influence the internal state of mind.

The notion of smiling is often used to define a relaxed atmosphere, without pressure or tension. If a journalist affirms that a group of deputies met in a “laughing context”, he will refer to the fact that said legislators participated in a pleasant and cordial meeting. Similarly, it is possible to say that something whose appearance generates delight, joy, or joy in someone smiles; For example, to describe a natural space such as a forest, it is possible to say that it is happy if it causes emotional well-being for its visitors.