The word slow derives from the Latin “lentus”, it is the term that we use the most in our language when we want to realize that something is presented in a slow, calm, low intensity and vigorous way and that, therefore, it needs a longer time. for it to happen and end.

Meanwhile, the word is recurrent that we apply it in relation to people, when we want to indicate that they only stand out and characterize presenting actions, stopped movements and without much vigor.

It is also important to mention that we call it slow for that individual who has difficulty understanding ideas or concepts, that is, they may not only be slow because of the way they carry out actions, but also in intellectual and cognitive matters. Possible slow performance.

We speak of a slow understanding when someone takes more time than usual to resolve a problematic situation, or to interpret some concept or fact.

Making slow decisions is taking too much time between thinking and putting it into action.

The expression “a slow agony” refers to suffering prolonged in time, which does not seem to have a solution.

In the culinary field, the term “slow cook” is used to refer to the fact that certain foods must be cooked, for example a cake, with low or low heat, which will require more cooking time.

In Music, the adagio is an example of a slow musical tempo, since its execution is carried out slowly.

When shooting in slow motion, it’s done quickly, but when projected, the viewer gets the visual sense that scenes take longer.

In addition, the use of the word in relation to animals is frequent, one of the most representative cases is, without a doubt, that of the turtle, an animal that stands out above all for the slowness with which it moves from one place to another.

Therefore it is recurring that in ordinary language we say that it behaves very slowly that it looks like a turtle. My dad is a tortoise driving, he took us seven hours to get there.

The term slow is applied to natural phenomena «the rain fell slowly» or people «That man is very slow, it took fifteen minutes to walk two stables», It is applied to things: «the slow movement of the vehicle», a animals «the turtle is a slow animal», among others.