The term massacre is used to refer to the multiple murder of defenseless people without any kind of mercy. Massacres usually occur for different reasons: discrimination, racism, business, passion, etc. In general, this type of murder is carried out by people who act alone or in groups, who also usually have a strong supply of weapons that allows them to attack several people at the same time.

The massacre is characterized by the disparity of conditions between the attacker and his victims, since the attack is usually carried out unexpectedly, which makes the victims defenseless at the time of the attack.

The impact that this type of event has had on society has given these episodes a historical dimension, an example of which has been the massacre of the banana plantations in Colombia and the massacre of Ponce in Puerto Rico. In the same way, there is the massacre that took place during the Second World War in which thousands of Jews died at the hands of the Germans.

There are also family massacres, which occur when one of the family members decides to attack the others. In this case the motive for the murder is, in general, jealousy; although other slightly more complex pathologies may occur.

In recent decades, societies have witnessed cruel massacres, especially in the school context and where the most common cause has to do with bullying.

Many of the young people who have become murderers of their classmates and teachers have done so because they have been subjected to constant abuse by their own classmates, causing a certain psychological imbalance that drives them to commit this type of act. A well-known case is the one that occurred in the United States at the Columbine school, in the State of Colorado, where two students, tired of so many jokes, decided to murder everyone who got in their way, leaving an unfortunate balance of dead and wounded.

And just like this, there have been many cases of massacre of this type, which have occurred in the American country. As a result of these events, the United States has thoroughly revised the legislation that is responsible for controlling the sale of weapons to civilians and campaigns have also been carried out in favor of non-violence.