slam ball

It is the name given to a new sports discipline, which was created in 2000 by Mason Gordon, who since then has been adding followers in various countries around the world. It has its roots in basketball, but it represents a new version of the style and form of the game of traditional basketball.

Slamball consists of a twenty-minute game, divided into two ten-minute halves and divided into four five-minute quarters, where two teams made up of four players each face each other.

Each player has a different role within his team, which gives him general and particular rules for each one.

In the first place is the Handler, who is in charge of raising the ball and setting the pace of the team in the game.

On the other hand, there are the Gunners, who are in charge of scoring points for their team. Beyond a great height, the gunners must master very well the jumps on the trampolines and the precision of shots at the goal.

Also, there is the Stopper that the team’s defender, who is located on the island, to defend that entire area from where the opposing team can score points. He is usually the most seasoned player, since they must generate blocks to avoid the opposite sum of points.

The clothing, the ball, the dimensions of the court and the hoop are the same as those of basketball. However, the difference is denoted in the rules of the game and its style.

The field has walls, similar to those of ice hockey, which means that there are no “outsides” in the game, so its development is fast and constant. Likewise, the court has a central area that does not have mats or trampolines and the two islands, which are the areas around each hoop, made up of four trampolines and the mats that surround them, forming two central and two lateral rectangles. , being the islands the only areas where physical contact is not allowed, where if there is, a foul will be called and a penalty will be charged, in a face-to-face, between the defender and the attacker, where they resemble a soccer penalty, where the The attacker looks to make a jump shot and the defender looks to create the block.

There are two kinds of scoring: those that are worth three points, which are those that are generated from a shot off the island or a mate (when the player makes a basket by touching the rim with their hands) and those that are worth two, which are those which are generated from an archery shot from within the island.

If the four quarters have passed, the game continues with the same score, there is a tiebreaker called “face off” or “face to face”, which fulfills the same purpose as penalties in football, that is, where a player prepares to defend the hoop and the attacker looks to score for his team. The same dynamic of taking the penalty, but with the purpose of breaking the tie, to end the game.

This sport is a contact sport and, like ice hockey and American football, has a high probability of injury. In addition to the contact, due to the great height that the players take propelled by the trampolines.

This is how this peculiar discipline has turned out to be a very entertaining and at the same time curious activity for the spectators. Having, even, the first international cup in 2012, in China.