According to what has been stated in several sources, the word slab comes from the Celtolatin “lausia”, which means “slab” of Hispanic origin. A slab is understood as a flat or flat stone, of little thickness but of great dimension, generally carved, whose function is to cover or close something in particular, that is to say that it can be used in order to pave floors and cover walls. Therefore, we can also obtain the foundation slab, which is a surface generally used in the area of ​​civil engineering, made of concrete used for the purpose of supporting a building.

This type of shallow foundation has an excellent behavior in those lands that are not very homogeneous, which should be noted, with another type of foundation, differential settlements could occur. There are different types of slabs, among the simplest are the slabs of constant thickness; there are also the ribbed slabs that are thicker, according to the direction of the walls or rows of pillars. So it can be said that this type of concrete-based plate is supported on a certain terrain, to help distribute the weight and loads that can be generated in the building on the support surface.

It is also called or assigned slab, to that rock or stone, generally large, but thin and flat that covers a tomb or sepulcher where a corpse lies. Another possible meaning for the term slab describes the traps made up of small slabs, to be able to hunt rodents or birds.