Skydiving is a type of jump that is made from heights, where a parachute is used in this technique to soften the fall on landing. These jumps can be made from any air transport such as helicopters, planes, hot air balloons or from a mountain. Skydiving is performed for various purposes, either as a recreation or as a sport. In the case of jumping from a fixed object it is qualified as a “base” jump type. In the jump the parachute can be opened immediately when leaving the aircraft or fixed object or the person may decide to have a mastered free fall before opening it manually.

In the case of sport or recreational skydiving, the skydiver “glides” in a relevant way during the free fall and before opening their parachutes; in this way the activity is distributed in two completely different ways: free descent and parachute flight.

Another modality of parachuting is in the Air Operations used by military, medical, police and firefighter schools to train their students as professionals in parachuting with the intention of establishing airborne detachments and mobilizing specialized teams or squads together with the rest of the squad to areas with difficult access.

In either of the two modalities, each of the skydivers carries two parachutes, one as main and the other as a spare. It is also advisable to use protection such as a helmet, gloves, glasses, altimeter and instantaneous emergency system. There is a great variety of styles or forms of jumping which are:

  • Free fall: freestyle, relative work, derivatives, free flight, sky surf, BASE jump, tandem jump, wingsuit, angle fly.
  • Special jumps: HALO, HAHO, LALO
  • In parachute flight: precision, relative canopy work, ground launching, swooping.

When we refer to sports skydiving, this profession has undergone a profound evolution in everything related to safety since 1980, the technological advance in all its equipment and in the application of regulations and techniques to prevent any problem.

The parachutes that are used can be round or rectangular. The ram air model rectangular parachutes, after being opened, the user can direct the orientation and destination of descent.