Siri is Apple’s new voice recognition system which is incorporated into the iPhone 4S, the new Apple terminal that was launched on October 4, 2011, Siri, unlike the different voice recognition systems, contemplates an intelligence superior and as such its functions are surprisingly innovative. This new Dictaphone allows commands to be easier to say, the advanced processor of iPhone 4S allows the maximum understanding of words.

Siri voice recognition is compatible with most apps and device features, you can ask the phone “How can I get to the bank faster?” The GPS will automatically display and calculate the level of traffic in the area, outline the fastest route on the map and take control of the approximate time. You are making a recipe at home and you need a counter, ask Siri and he will do it for you.

Siri creates multiformats of voice that will work in the future, saves the type of expression, the gesture of the person and focuses the level of the audio in order to have a clear and precise sound to analyze. Its response speed to a request is up to one second. A series of applications with which the service will be compatible are already on the way, including the different social networks of the moment for you to use with the system.

With Siri you make calls to saved and new contacts, if you need to call a taxi, the explorer gets the closest points with contact numbers so that you have the taxi waiting for you at your door. Stopwatch, calendar, calculator, weather, alarm, almost all functions of iPhone 4S are controlled by Siri.