A Sign is a representative element, with which it is sought to demonstrate with a small or minimal figure or element, which is the complete state of what is actually being described. The term comes from the Latin “Signum” refers to the posture of a structure, of a drawing which contains enough direct information for the interpreter. The Sign is also the result of a study of a certain area. The answer that is obtained from a problem usually has a characteristic sign, which defines the orientation of what is proposed.

The sign is used in everything, any aspect of common life carries with it the application of a sign, grammar, for its part, uses this term in a crucial way in order to administer an order of words in order to give it a better interpretation. to what is meant, read or write. Punctuation marks add to a text the meaning and the appropriate spaces for its optimal interpretation, it is important to use it correctly, since its “malpractice” can have very negative consequences, for example: in the phrase “Innocent, not guilty” the subject is acquitted of the charge for which he is being judged, on the other hand, if we say “Not innocent, he is guilty” we are judging the person who committed the crime as guilty, note that the position of the comma, which is a punctuation mark, made the difference in the enunciated sentence. The period, as one of the main punctuation marks, is divided into «Point and apart» and «Point and followed» these separate the reading into time intervals, add an established order of ideas to the text and the point and apart is capable of end the paragraph in progress.

Another important and daily sign is the vital sign, it is thrown by a device which, through an established function, converts the pulse into a data, which is read and deciphered by a machine and expressed in a graph continues in the which is reflected in several variables which is the state of a medical patient. With the vital signs, the state of health is interpreted and what is the immediate response of a drug administered instantly.

It is correct to state that: «Any response is a sign», «Any sign is a representation», «Any representation is a sign of a much larger exemplar». They are useful and practical statements when it comes to understanding the versatility of a term such as Sign.