Side leadership

Lateral leadership is based on the belief that anyone has the ability to lead without needing to be the boss, this is usually carried out by people who have the same level within the company but who have the ability to lead. to a certain group.

Like any other type of leadership, the person who exercises it must have the ability to influence and get people to do what they are ordered, thus increasing the performance of workers without requiring the intervention of senior management. The leader, without being of higher rank than the others, must have what is necessary to take the initiative in case it is required, he must do everything in his power so that the group in which he finds himself fits in and works correctly. In general, this type of leadership is typical of people who have years of experience in a certain company and therefore have a lot of knowledge of where they work.

The lateral leader must make good use of communication so that the message to be given arrives correctly and does not offend or cause inconvenience to anyone, he must be the example to be followed by his colleagues with impeccable conduct, he must be Responsible when making some decisions, you must design good strategies for the best performance of the functions of each of the workers.

This type of leadership can be very beneficial for any company since there are workers with enough experience to be able to manage a group of people successfully, but unfortunately there are very few cases where it occurs, this is mainly due to the lack of motivation that employees have since many think that it is not worth taking on so many responsibilities if in the end there will be no type of incentive that values ​​the work that has been done, another disadvantage that this type of leadership entails is that it is impossible to reach to an agreement with the other employees since the leader is not superior in any way to the others.