It is a term that is normally used in our language to refer to that individual who does not find interpersonal treatment with other people pleasant at all and thus flees from everything that this issue implies, for example, conversation and treatment. in general.

That is to say, the sullen person is an individual who is on the opposite path to the person who is sociable, who is especially characterized by presenting a pronounced inclination towards relating to others and their environment. The sociable person is pleasant, affective and will always be predisposed to talk and help others.

In this way, the sullen individual tends to avoid contact with others, avoiding taking part in social events and preferring instead to spend time in their closest environment, where they feel most comfortable.

It can also be said that the sullen person is therefore a person who has a certain fear of relating to other people, which implies that to a certain extent we have all gone through some stage in our lives where the term could be applied to us.

Especially in adolescence or youth, it is very likely that they will go through social situations that are unpleasant and from which they run away showing a rejection of them. Over time, this attitude can be overcome or not, and it is even possible that the same person can be sullen in the public aspect of her and yet have no problems relating to her circle of friends.