Shopping area

It is a territorial extension that is located within the large cities and whose main objective is trade, such has been the acceptance of society, the development of production and trade that specific places have been allocated for this activity, emerging that today we know as shopping centers, some being very luxurious and extravagant where you can get all kinds of things and others simpler and smaller, everything will depend on the area where you are.

Trading zones are nothing new, they have their history and date back centuries, established by Shannon, Co. Clare III to promote employment in rural Ireland, where the Government made use of small spaces in the regions and so generate income to the economy, resulting in great success to the point that it continues to function today.

In continents such as Latin America, this activity took place during the 20th century, with Argentina and Uruguay being the pioneers in activating trade. Commercial areas in general are to generate jobs and thus reduce poverty and unemployment, which stimulates the economy of the area.

Within these commercial zones many times they become free trade zones, where the barriers of tariffs and commercial taxes between the countries that constitute it are eliminated, that is, the prices of all the commercial products between them will be the same for all the members. of the area, so that a country cannot increase (through import tariffs) the price of goods produced in another country that is part of the free trade area.