Filming means “recording images on film” and recording, “capturing and storing images or sounds on a disk or magnetic tape so that they can be reproduced.” The common idea of ​​”collection of images” may have helped to neutralize the two verbs outside of technical language: there are those who “record movies” and those, as in the example, “videos of movies.” From such affinities arise extensions of meaning, some more admissible than others. In this case, undifferentiated usage reveals imprecision. The system for capturing images on a magnetic medium or reproducing them by this means could be assimilated to that of television, whereas in the film of a video camera, frames are printed that, when projected at high speed, are seen in motion. It is important not to confuse.

There are many professionals linked to the filming activity, which can be grouped into two groups, those who play a role in front of the cameras, such as the actors and extras, and on the other hand, those who carry out their work behind the scenes. scenes. , including camera directors, producers, scriptwriters, technicians, costume designers, makeup artists, among others.

Meanwhile, filming, that is, the action of filming, produces what are known as films or movies.

A film is considered an artistic work that consists of the dissemination of a story, generally fiction, or based on a real event, from images and sounds taken from a camera, and then reproduced thanks to the use of a film projector, It has such speed that it creates the illusion of continuity in people’s eyes.