It is defined as the set of materials that come together in a favorable way, to generate a closed space that protects the individual who uses it from the dangers of nature, be it the ferocity of animals or climates that suggest a risk.

It is common for a place in which a person is usually interned, where he finds satisfaction to carry out activities in complete solitude and takes time to reflect, to be called in this way; Basically, it refers to her trying to hide from the outside world and the stress it represents. The word refers to the Latin word “refugeum”whose meaning is the same as it is today.

Even in the most remote times of human history, the early “men” looked for small caves in which to take refuge from the rains, winds and others. At first, they did not settle in one place, they preferred to travel through valleys, forests and coasts, although, after finding areas where they could easily access water and food, they decided to settle and form small villages, creating hierarchical and support systems. Starting from there, the concept of houses began, indispensable today, used for protection against natural phenomena and social problems, such as crime.

During the expeditions, the participants take with them tents provided with the necessary supplies to be comfortable during their stay. Although, on some occasions, individuals who seek to experience great adventures, only pack one or two tools that would serve to build a shelter with branches and leaves with large dimensions, which would achieve the feeling of being like in ancient times.