sexual identity

The sexual identity of a person is related to the perception that each individual has about himself, about his body and the physical features that he presents, however this perception may or may not correspond to the sex determined at birth, generally if the person is born with female genitalia then it is considered a female, if on the contrary it is born with male genitalia then it is considered a male.

Sexual identity is linked to gender, whether female or male, that is, the two most typical and common genders within a society. The creation of sexual identity is a complicated procedure that begins during pregnancy, and that represents a vitally important element during gestation. Traditionally, societies tend to qualify each individual by the image of her genitalia. Now, if a person is socially cataloged as having a female sexual identity but her genitalia are male, this person will begin to suffer from non-conformity with the gender representation assigned to him.

One of the different forms of sexual identity is Transsexuality, which consists of an individual taking into account that his external genitalia do not coincide with what he really feels and identifies with, therefore he looks for a way to change his sex, undergoing transformation surgery and receiving hormone-based treatment.

Sexual identity is the compilation of various aspects: Biological, psychological and environmental, where the person, especially during the stage of adolescence, is where he begins to understand himself, to perceive himself from a broader, more reflective point of view, during this stage it is possible that the person discovers that the way he was sexually identified is not the way he really feels, leading the individual to a state of anguish and suffering by not feeling like the majority of his gender. It is important to keep in mind that people’s sexual identity is a totally natural thing and that society must promote tolerance and respect towards all individuals, allowing this human being to show himself as he is.