The concept of sex is related to a series of variants that lead to ideas in general, the differentiation of species and the reproduction of the race. In biology it is the process by which humans and any species mate leading to their reproduction. This entire process in which an egg is fertilized and develops in a mother’s womb until birth leads to defining the sex of the fetus. In humans, the act of sex is more complex, since it does not include the simple fact of reproduction, it is one of the few species that practices sex for pleasure.

The character that is inserted into the specifications of a specimen is also called sex, these are what we know as feminine and masculine or male and female. Sex also represents an important population ratio, since it separates the human species into two, defining tasks and exercises for each of them. Men, of the masculine sex, differ from women of the feminine sex due to their physical and emotional characteristics, while the man has a greater musculature than that of the woman, she has affective qualities that denote her and give her a characteristic touch that gives them femininity.

Sex is distinguished from gender, although they go hand in hand, sex differs between the physical characteristics of a woman and a man, gender does so in the relationship at a cultural level, either one is masculine or one is feminine, leading to a condition that can change or modify despite what is correctly said by society, this is where transgenders come in.

In relation to society, sex has always been the subject of controversy and discussion, in the confrontations when presenting women as the weaker sex, without strength or power, and placing all power on a man, reaching the qualifying term sexist that is gives to the actions by both parties disqualifying by emphasizing the differences and discriminating by putting into action what is known as the feminist woman or 4 × 4 off-roader, and a macho man who only has to achieve domination or power either of the man over the woman or the woman over the man.

Defining sex or the word as such and not encompassing everything that it entails is very difficult, because it covers an endless variety of topics that range from the religious to the psychological without forgetting the biological, which we know marks the characteristics between humans, animals, marking the genitalia as a starting point. Sex itself is spreading from the sexual organs, the genital apparatus as a means of reproduction for both, reproductive sex according to its gender or race to expand the species, sex or sexual relations only for the pleasure of the body and in case of animals form courtship.

The social or sociological, refers to the sexual and gender identity of an individual or the sexuation that goes from their sexual orientation itself, that in some cases their birth sex has nothing to do or is not related to their orientation or sexual gender that pretends or wishes to be, sexuality as a way of expression of the human that does not have a relationship with being sensual, when having sexual relations.

Postures enter this sphere of sex, they are part of it, and there enters the desire for a purely carnal satisfaction of an active sexuality of a man and a woman, which on many occasions does not lead to safe or conventional sex to avoid diseases.

Sex has been the head of the most famous and successful best sellers, throughout the history of mankind in the literary field, filling written pages with explicit sexual stories and full color illustrations, one of the most recent in the trilogy of the 50 shades of gray, the singers have dedicated an infinity of songs where the protagonist is the sexual desire they feel for a girl, as a representation of love, the cinema since the 50s, they carry out an innumerable amount of movies full of morbid or very concrete as the so-called pornography, which are full of literal scenes of sexual intercourse of any kind.

In many cases love has had nothing to do with sex, sexuality or anything that has to do with it, since to have an activity of a sexual nature it is not necessary to love or be in love with the other person, since that if it is between adults they can have a consensual relationship to only reach an end of satisfying a condition physiologically speaking.

Sex in all its ambiguities is an important part of society for daily life, the reproduction of the species and the maintenance of the population balance depend on it. What we must understand and be clear that must be taken into account is the way it is used or the term given to this word, whether it is as a means of leading life, one must accept the responsibilities that it brings. regardless of the decision of their gender or sex.

In sex also enters what we call paraphilias, which today are not considered a disease but a vital decision, that is, the person or individual has the power over their body for the enjoyment they choose, among them is fetishism , transvestism, sadomasochism or domination, transsexuality and exhibitionism, fratism, bestiality, homosexuality and lesbianism, in more extreme cases such as necrophilia, which is the desire of the dead, among endless many more.

Sexual health is a responsibility of the human being as well as sexual consent, having one or more relationships with different partners exposes you to an infinity of risks of contracting a venereal disease or STD.