The word serene is used to describe different situations, serene can mean a calm, peaceful person, without facing any adversity that is of concern or special attention; In the same way, the serene can be described as the humidity of the night existing in the atmosphere characterized by being slightly cold.

If we describe the sky it can be used to represent the situation in which there is no cloud when appreciating the view of the sky, it is synonymous with describing it as a clear sky; another situation in which the word is applied “serene” It is to describe the security guard of an enclosure who is working at night. The last concept of watchman when describing a job is very little known, however, that postulated name has an immense history, the watchman on duty long ago was in charge of watching the streets in the dark, of being responsible for finding in a fixed way the lighting of the streets and depending on the area they were also in charge of opening and closing doors of the neighborhoods or neighborhoods.

In the same way, it was part of their trade to announce the time and the atmospheric change that arose in the night hours, the night watchman could be easily distinguished by their clothing since they had a club (a sharp weapon, a kind of spear) and their power They had a whistle used in emergencies, the first watchmen had property in the year 1715, originating for the same year a kind of army or summit of night watchmen, called Corps of watchmen, which years later were included even in royal decrees that gave validity and respect to that profession.

It had its demise from the jobs list at the end of the 20th century. The night watchmen were forced to go through its streets protecting their neighborhood or neighborhoods from thieves and different criminals who harm the inhabitants of those regions, also through their whistles they warned in emergency situations such as fires, providing assistance to all needy, previously the night watchmen were given the name of lamplighters.