Sepher Ha-Razim

The Sepher Ha-Razim is a Jewish text whose writing was based on incomplete quotations, fragments of manuscripts and interpretations of Arabic and Latin. This story was reconstructed and published for the first time by Mordecai Margaliot, a Jewish sage who was in charge of collecting in detail and through isolated references, fragments of Jewish literature related to mysticism. The Sepher Ha-Razim is written in Hebrew very briefly, it has only 800 lines, its structure is seven chapters, referring to the seven heavens. In each of the chapters, different magic formulas and miraculous remedies are combined. Likewise, the names of seven angels with each of their functions are described in detail.

The Sepher Ha-Razim is also known as the book of secrets, which is said to have been given to Noah by the archangel Raziel, and that over time it came into the hands of Solomon, filling him with wisdom and magical powers. . The main idea of ​​this mystical text focuses on the power derived from astral forces, assigning great importance to the power of the sun as a source of knowledge. Within the writing the classical gods Aphrodite, Hermes, and Helios are also mentioned.

The magical rites expressed in the text were intended to promote the healing of various conditions, provide protection against enemies and the achievement of good luck. Currently this writing has been vetoed by most Kabbalistic schools and traditional Jewish schools, as it is considered heresy.