There are many ways to define the word Meaning, the first one we will discuss will be the one that has to do with living beings. With sense, animals and humans can receive and assimilate all the elements that surround them. This physiological process allows the individual to perceive signals and stimuli through the natural receptors that he possesses, namely, taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. The different species that inhabit the earth have a diverse relationship and balance between their senses, for example, an owl has developed greater vision than a human being because it is a being that hunts its prey at night.

Human beings maintain a balance between their senses in order to effectively carry out their tasks. In the absence or failure of any of them, these can be replaced by treatments or devices that enhance or improve its acuity, such as glasses in case of eye problems and microphones or hearing aids that improve hearing.

The other way to define sense is when we talk about the orientation of an element. When a mobile body is about to go from one point to another, its initial position and final position can be described, the path also has an orientation or direction that is given in most cases. The cardinal points are a reference axis to indicate the direction and location of said object, these are: north, south, east and west. With a road map we can tell that a vehicle is heading east on the main road.

Abstractly, meaning can be the ability of an idea to have coherence and functionality. When a person speaks without thinking, it is said that his words do not make sense because he lacks reason. People in society must have a foundation for their actions. The meaning of things is also the way in which they are arranged in a certain place to fulfill an objective, example: It doesn’t make sense for the blender to be in the bedroom when it’s right for it to be in the kitchen with the other food preparation utensils.