The term Semites is used to refer to all the people who according to the Bible are descended from Shem the son of Noah. The Semitic peoples are those established in the Middle East and in the northern part of Arabia, these include the Phoenicians, Arabs, Jews, Arameans, the Hebrew and Ethiopians. Many of which have now disappeared.

It is important to indicate that this term is only used to refer to the linguistic and cultural link that exists between these peoples, and that the racial concept that has been used of the word Semites is incorrect. Therefore, it is inappropriate to speak of Semitic “races”, but should speak of peoples who spoke some of these dialects.

The Semites are characterized by having a common dialect, which is represented by the Semitic language, an aspect that does not allow a race identity to exist between them. Formerly, they were pastoral, patriarchal nomadic peoples and polygamy was acceptable in their community. The culture of the Semites is considered one of the oldest and the one that has had the most influence on Western culture.

As of the 19th century, the word Semitic has been closely associated with the term Jew, for which it took on a completely racial connotation; In addition to this and due to the confrontations and hostility towards the Jewish community, the neologism “anti-Semitism” has emerged, which promotes discrimination and racism towards Jews, it is worth mentioning that the term anti-Semitism was widely used by the Nazis to persecute and wipe out the Jews.