self control

Self-control is known as that capacity that a human being can possess to exercise control over himself, that is, to be able to control himself, both in his thoughts and in his actions. However, the term is more inclined towards the acts that a person can carry out, especially when they are done on impulse and not because the person has stopped to think about the pros and cons of said act.

When a person takes care of what they are going to say or do, it is because they are self-controlling; it is about a subject being cautious at all times so that reactions that may be negative for himself or for others are not triggered, it is then that self-control makes sense, which could be defined as a quality, virtue or capacity that human beings have to regulate their impulses, and it is not because someone else has asked or demanded it, but rather it is given voluntarily, which means that the person is aware of what they are doing and decides on their own to act in that way .

The immediate purpose of a subject moderating their actions is directly linked to the relationships they can have with the rest of society, so that they are harmonious, and it is due to the fact that if one person acts wrongly towards another , it will always judge and evaluate that behavior negatively. In addition to pursuing his own benefit, because a person with self-control may be able to measure not only his behavior but also her feelings.

Normally self-control is based on exercises and relaxation and meditation techniques that help to cope with any tense situation in which one would generally act impulsively, in most cases these unpremeditated and planned ways of reacting simply arise because they are a characteristic of our natural instincts.

It must be borne in mind that a balance must be established in the personality of each person, since reaching any extreme is detrimental to everyone, that is, just as it is inappropriate to react on impulse, it is not always entirely good to be self-controlled because others do so. perceived as a cold and calculating person, because it represses creativity and spontaneity.