Segregation from the technical and direct point of view of the word means that an object is separated from a set of objects with the same characteristic but that have some fault that does not allow it to be part of the whole from which it was extracted. But the word segregation has a widely discussed social meaning, and that is what we are going to discuss next.

It basically consists of the displacement of people to the margins of the city, but this mobilization is not caused by the actions of the people who do it, rather, they see the need to do it, in search of a place where they are accepted. without discrimination, abuse and racism. Segregation defines two groups of people, on one side we have those who with their power and racism are capable of moving masses of people away from them, these in the past have created laws to be superior over slaves, blacks, Jews, indigenous and Asians. And on the other side we have the displaced, who through no fault of their own find it necessary to receive insults and endure abuse from those who have power.

Segregation has led entire nations to plunge into poverty, given the lack of study of segregated peoples, they find themselves in the need to work for those who have displaced them, making it impossible for people to be professionals and have a decent life. This is considered an act of violence and discrimination against human beings, despite the fact that there are institutions that seek equality of gender and race, the segregated have also created barriers of hatred and contempt towards those who have demoralized and mistreated them. This has also led to more violence, to the lack of culture, to the fact that there are no good ethical foundations and of course to the formation of criminals.

The fight for the end of social classes seems to have no end, as long as there are nations immersed in corruption and deception there will always be a line that separates society, laws against discrimination and in favor of the inclusion of all genders , races and ethnic groups to the protection of human rights represent a weapon against segregation. We agree with many that the conscience will one day understand that we are all equal, children of God.