Seed refers to the seeds found inside the fruits of certain plants; These, if given the necessary care and placed in the most favorable environment, can germinate, giving life to a plant of the same species. Similarly, this term refers to those things that are considered the origin or beginning of others, as a kind of root, especially when talking about feelings or immaterial objects. Often this word is used as a synonym for seeds. In religion, more specifically Christian religion, the concept of foundation is adapted to a context in which it is sought to unravel the origin of good and evil.

The seeds, within the botanical field, are contained within the seeds. Normally, these are found in the deepest part of the fruit to which they gave life; Examples of this are tangerines, oranges, avocados and peaches. These can germinate, being stored in compost and providing them with a constant source of water. Over time, this will become a plant of the same species that gives rise to the fruit from which it came.

The concept present in the Christian religion can be found in the Old Testament, in the book of Genesis. Two seeds are mentioned here: the woman, the origin of life and of the Messiah himself (and, therefore, of good) and that of the serpent, as the root of evil and the misfortunes that afflict man. This kind of metaphor was used so that the human race knew the origin of life from a traditional Christian perspective, in addition to making a marked distinction between good and evil, as a presence that is found everywhere.