A seducer is a person of the masculine gender, who usually stands out from other men, due to the dazzle he causes in women and all the seduction tactics he uses to make women fall in love. To be a good seducer, not only is it enough to have a pretty face, it is also necessary to have an effective tongue and, above all, to know how to handle it.
As has been seen, the term seduction is used mostly to relate it to the sexual issue.

Many gentlemen think that one of the best methods to seduce a woman is to approach her and become her best friend. Perhaps on certain occasions, this is effective, however many think that this tactic is not only a risk, but that it can become a failure.

Another of the techniques applied by the seducers is to act depressed, this consists of telling him their sorrows and sorrows, this for certain women can be exciting since they will want to take care of them and pamper them. Although for others it does not have the same effect and they end up boring them.

It is also true that the security of the person is one of its best attractions. and be careful, it is not to believe that you are the most macho of all, the one that gives away flowers in every word that he says, not nothing to see; it’s just knowing that everyone has their strengths and it’s just a matter of knowing how to use it to their benefit.

To be a good seducer, being detailed and persistent are elements that should never be left aside since every woman likes to be filled with details, to always be aware of them, their things, etc.
Nonverbal communication can also be an infallible weapon when seducing a woman: a look, a smile, a gesture, biting your lower lip, an innocent caress, etc.

Now, seducers have also been classified as womanizers, donjuanes, this is due to their desire to seduce and conquer as many women as they know and this, logically, makes them look like liars.

In the history of humanity there have been countless famous seducers, some of them are: Giacomo Casanova, Pablo Picasso; Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, among others.