Word that is used both to define the masculine and feminine, it is said of a person who is employed in a company, both private and public, and who stands out for doing certain tasks and obligations of his position in an office; among them is writing correspondence, ordering, filing privileged documentation, serving customers, performing administrative or accounting work, among others, that is, being at the service of your employer and therefore keeping a service agenda, organizing appointments, consultations and meetings.

It is a word that comes from the Latin secretarius, that is to say secret, this person who performs this position supervises and manages matters that are required to be highly discreet and confidential, they are people who can get to work from a small delivery office or large offices with characters from powerful and important like that of the president of a country.

In ancient times it was the men who held this position, in the French monarchies, the English until ancient Rome, they were part of history, over time women were trained for this job and it was of a higher rank that they achieved possess such an occupation, although even so they were not taken into account. For the year of 1970, April 26 of that year was taken as the date to flatter and commemorate the secretaries as their day, this was in the International Congress of Secretaries that takes place in that year in Argentina, since then the April 26 of each year as Secretary’s Day.

Men have held important clerkships since ancient times, and there are a wide variety of positions and ranks of service for a clerk such as secretary of state, secretary of defense, secretary of the treasury, court clerks, secretary of war , among a variety of positions of national importance such as the government cabinet secretary or the general secretary of the presidency, political positions representing a country.

In wildlife, in fauna we find a bird of prey that lives in Africa as a secretary, its description is thanks to the British secretaries who wore long quiff-type feathers on their hats. This bird has gray, black and white plumage, with raised plumage on its head, endowed with elegance and finesse, although according to its translation in its Arabic name saqr-et-tair it is a hunter, due to its ability and agility to run at great speed, it is diurnal, one meter long with a long tail, wings and legs, it feeds on snakes and reptiles.