Season is understood as the season of several days, months and even years that are considered separately forming a set: summer season.

For example, the winter season. “Snow became desirable during the winter season, it only came towards the end.”

On the other hand, at the request of the Christian religion we find a reference for this term, since in the churches of this religious current, the Liturgical Year, as the organization of times and formalities contained during the year in the Christian church with the mission of celebrating salvation, is divided into stations.

Television: cycle of one year or six months during which a program is broadcast.

In the television industry and especially with regard to TV series, the word “season” is also very popular, since in this way a cycle of broadcasting of a program is designated.

It can usually involve a calendar year, or six months, with some series then having two seasons in the span of a year. In the field of tourism, high and low seasons are considered, periods in which tourist demand decreases or increases.

In the field of tourism and all the actors involved in this context, transport companies (planes, boats, buses), hotels, commercial premises, car rental, among others, it is very common to use the concept of season, associated with other terms , such as low and high, to specifically name the periods that can be identified in a vacation spot.

The high season in a tourist destination will be that period of the year in which it will be full of tourists, while its counterpart, the low season, will be that period of the year in which tourism is low or practically nil because people do not He is on vacation, but in the middle of a year of work and study.

Depending on where on the planet you can determine those seasons.

In the southern hemisphere, the arrival of summer marks the beginning of the high season in the sense that we have been talking about, and that we can identify it between the months of December and March, in which the school break also occurs.

While in the northern hemisphere, the peak of the high summer season is between the months of July and September.

In the sports field it is considered a period of competition
Also in sport we will come across seasons, but in this case to name that period of the year in which the most outstanding tournaments of a sport are played.

Now, outside of this time, the athletes take advantage of the vacations and rest from the practice of the sport in question.