A script is a series of commands that are stored in a text file and which are characterized by being very small in size, and which, in addition to this, are usually executed in groups by means of an interpreter in real time. The use of scripts is very varied, as it is the case that some type of interaction with the operating system or with the users is required, also to serve as a bridge, between the various combinations of components. In the computer world, scripts are widely used because thanks to them it is possible to program certain tasks to be executed automatically, just by creating very simple utilities.

This group of commands is commonly used to create automatic interactions with a computer’s operating system. However, it is possible that it is also used when creating applications or programs that contain interpreted languages, creating slightly more complicated scripts, which in turn can carry out tasks such as handling data. In addition to this, with regard to the creation of websites, they are widely used, since thanks to them, it is possible that the appearance of said sites can be changed, as well as it is possible through them, to introduce in said web, special effects that are quite eye-catching for users. It should be noted that when talking about the use of scripts on web pages, these can be divided into two types.

In the first place, there are client-side scripts, characterized by the fact that their execution is carried out in the browsers that people usually use to be able to execute an application, this type is made up of VBScrip, JavaScript and Ajax codes. used when it comes to managing the DOM.

On the other hand, there are the server-side scripts, which are executed directly on the server, this type is characterized by the fact that no matter what browser is used, they do not present any problems with their operation. Server scripts have the ability to block access to certain web pages.