The scooter is a class of motorized vehicle, consisting of two wheels, light and easy to handle. The first scooter was manufactured in Italy in 1946, after the Second World War, since by then the Italian economy had been greatly affected and the citizens required a means of transportation that was economical.

Over the years, the concept of the scooter was transformed, towards different versions. This class of motorcycle is much more comfortable than conventional motorcycles, since the person does not have to climb on a high frame, he simply has to sit down as if it were a chair and that’s it. The traditional design of the scooter shows a flat floor to place the rider’s feet. One of the modifications that the scooter has undergone over time has been its change towards the automatic and the existence of engines of various dimensions; Of course, without leaving aside its comfortable driving position, where the driver’s feet are perfectly protected from the elements, something that does not happen on a common motorcycle.

Currently the automatic transmission has expanded among most scooters, this type of transmission is simple and adapts to the speed of these. The scooters have a space under the seat, with the capacity to introduce up to two helmets.

Here are a number of advantages offered by the use of scooters:

They are very fast, especially if you have to travel through the city.

They are agile and light, moving a scooter does not need a lot of work, since they have a turning radius that allows them to take advantage of every space when traffic is congested.

They are accessible, thanks to its design it can be affordable for those who use it for the first time.

Load capacity, the scooters offer a space under the seat that serves as storage, which allows the transfer of bags and any other package.

They consume little, since they have low displacement engines and in terms of gasoline consumption, it is usually little.

They pollute little, scooters have engines with low carbon dioxide emissions, which is beneficial for the environment.